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Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have cancelled our live and virtual classes for Summer Camp 2021.

How long have you been involved with Arts Express?

Not sure…quite a while! My first story was Sweet Clara And The Freedom Quilt.

What is your favourite Arts Express program to deliver?

I love telling Viola Desmond’s story in Viola Desmond Won’t Be Budged. Many of the children I meet in schools have heard about Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and other US Civil Rights leaders, but have not heard of Viola Desmond, so it’s important for us as Canadians to tell our own stories.
Viola Desmond story

How do you think arts programming positively contributes to well-being?

Learning to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagine their life – skills an actor uses every day – helps you to see things from someone else’s point of view and understand them better. We also develop improvisational skills, and being able to think on your feet and go with the flow and deal with things even when they aren’t going your way is helpful in life as well as on stage.

Tell us about what your ideal Sunday afternoon looks like:

If it’s nice out, a bike ride with the family, maybe down to the Beaches or over to the west end to a park. If it’s not nice out, doing some baking, and then settling in with a cup of tea and a good book!

If you could have an additional 2 hours every day to learn about something, what would you be interested in learning?

All kinds of things! I teach dance, and sometimes between prepping and teaching my own classes, I don’t get to class as often as I would like. Taking more classes for myself would be great. But I’d also like to be a better piano player, have a chance to get my sewing machine going again, improve my French…an extra two hours a day to learn would be incredible, and I’d probably indulge all kinds of interests!

Linette Doherty ballet pose

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