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Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have cancelled our live and virtual classes for Summer Camp 2021.

To date, we have presented TASAM in close to 40 schools across the GTA, reaching nearly 12,000 students. The results and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive, which inspires us to keep reaching out to expand and grow this very necessary program. We would like to increase our reach to communities across Canada by using top quality creative arts programming to create awareness and start discussions about Wellbeing with elementary students and their families.

Our 2017 TASAM evaluation results are in and are very promising.  After participating in TASAM:

4 out of 5 students report they know more about why it is important to talk about feelings and emotions, how to manage feelings and emotions” and feel more comfortable talking with parents about [their] feelings”.

9 out of 10 students report they know more about why emotions are useful”.

4 out of 5 parents state their knowledge of the impact of anxiety and stress on [their] child’s life has increased”, they better understand how mindfulness can help [their] child manage feelings and emotions” and they “feel more confident that [they] will be able to talk to [their] child about feelings and emotions”

4 out of 5 educators report they feel more confident that [they] can implement strategies learned today to help [their] students cope with their feelings / emotions”


Arts Express Program Guide TASAM
Arts Express Program Guide TASAM




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