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NOW more than ever, children need the arts as a tool to express themselves.

In these extraordinary times, we believe that more than ever, children need the arts as a tool to express themselves. We have carefully and lovingly adapted our award-winning workshops using real-time, hands-on instruction. Arts Express creates a safe space that allows students, educators and the school communities an opportunity for education, creativity and connection.



Danelle Smith can recall one memory in her childhood that pointed the way to her future career. She lived in the country with her parents and grandparents. She would run out to the field between their homes and sing show tunes at the top of her lungs. She loved the feeling of singing loudly and confidently; it helped ease her anxiety and allowed her to be creative and momentarily free from the stresses of everyday life.

Danelle went on to get her BFA in musical theatre and performed professionally for a few years. To help pay the rent, Danelle started teaching music, drama and dance to children. She soon discovered that her real passion was recreating for her students that sense of freedom and escape she had felt as a child performing in an empty field. She was committed to sharing her love of the arts with children and giving them a safe space to be creative and express themselves. This commitment led her to Arts Express in 2000.

The visual arts, drama, dance, and storytelling curriculum has evolved throughout the years to stay fresh and cater to children's ever-changing emotional climate. Several programs were developed for schools that use the arts as a teaching tool to address the growing need for wellness and mental health support. These programs allow students, families and educators to develop strategies that help with everyday stress and anxiety.

With the pandemic, children, more than ever, need the arts as a way to express themselves. Bringing Arts Express into the virtual world was a learning curve, but with a strong curriculum already in place, Danelle and the Arts Express team could bring the curriculum online in an engaging, educational, and inspiring way for the students.


Each member of our team is a performing arts professional, with a combined career in both performance and teaching. Each member is dedicated to the arts and your child\'s journey of discovery.


Best thing ever!

Honestly, it's the best thing ever! Emmy has a permanent smile on her face before, during, and after. She has met some pretty amazing teachers and new friends. We are only 3 days in but it's already one of the highlights of her summer!"

Emmy's Mom

Wonderful & Amazing!

"It was wonderful and amazing how you overcame all the obstacles and created a wonderful musical."

Miriam, Ella's Mom

Everything was great!

"Everything about the camp was great. I especially liked the drawing and songs."

Carter, Age 7

Hard work & amazing talent

"Thank you all for your hard work and amazing talents, pulling together the amazing camp and resulting video…the kids clearly had so much fun. The time and effort is so obvious and I'm so thankful we found this camp for Annabell this summer."

Laura-Annabelle\'s Mom

Arts -Based Wellness and Mental Health Workshops

English or French- Grade JK-8- up to 30 students
Students can participate in this online workshop together. The workshop combines basic stretching, mindfulness postures, breath work, and physical storytelling to teach the mind-body connection. Comfortable clothes, an open mind, and a space to move around safely are required.

English or French- JK-3- up to 30 students
Students are drawn into the magical world of story drama as they become characters and travel to worlds that become alive in their imaginations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Will create different interpretations of stories, themes, etc. using pantomime and movement
  • Will represent and interpret characters by speaking and moving in role
  • Will practice listening to understand
  • Will identify and use key elements of drama and movement to explore source materials such as stories, poems, music, images, math stories and thinking equations

English-6-8- up to 100 students
This student workshop developed for middle school students and led by a child development expert will teach students practical tips and tools to deal with everyday anxiety and stress. This interactive workshop speaks to and calms students concerns about stress, while helping them create a cohesive plan to deal with the stress in their lives today and for years to come. Managing stress takes practice, this workshop encourages the students to self-regulate and show self-compassion while they work on their own individual self-care plan.

Topics Covered

  • Identifying the signs of stress in the mind and body.
  • Taking action to develop coping skills by creating a personalized care toolbox of practical techniques.
  • Appreciating the importance of positive self-care and talk.
  • Recognizing that stress is universal, and you are not alone.

English or French- Grades JK-5- up to 60 students
Milton is a happy kid until he encounters a school bully. He worries all the time about what the bully will do. Milton encounters a few situations that help him understand a very important thing: the only way to be happy is to live in the NOW! Using the lessons in the story and mindfulness techniques students will learn how to stay in the moment and cope with fear and anxiety.

English-4-6- up to 100 students
In this workshop students are encouraged to consider their own role in their classroom and the world around them. We look at bullying and good citizenship through the lens of empathy, which has been shown in studies to promote more classroom kindness and pro-social behaviour. Using mindfulness, self-compassion, and a growth mindset students will build strategies for managing meanness and cultivating kindness. This workshop will ignite a spark of passion for using your personal power! We all have power, what do you use it for?

Topics Covered

  • Appreciating the importance of positive self- compassion, care, and talk.
  • How can we tell when someone around us needs help?
  • Identifying our role in the conflict and developing strategies to change outcomes.
  • Taking action to identify and support a classmate or friend in a difficult time.

English- JK-8- up to 30 students
An inspiring and innovative hip hop dance workshop in which the students will reflect on body language and what it says about our own and others’ emotions, while learning the basics of this urban dance movement. Using today’s music, students will explore innovative dance steps and funk rhythms in an energetic, positive, and fun environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Will learn and demonstrate the ability to move and control their bodies in space and time and will be introduced to some basic body and dance vocabulary
  • Will learn and create short dance pieces
  • Will learn and demonstrate the ability to use their bodies to respond to the music’s rhythm and tempo
  • Will use and explore movement by composing and decomposing two- and three-dimensional shapes in math map coordinates

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